Balance Movers and Shakers Podcast Episode 8- Interview with Caitlin Sloan, The Brainy Ballerina

In this episode of the Balance Movers and Shakers Podcast, Ellen interviews Caitlin Sloan, founder of the Brainy Ballerina. During this episode Ellen and Caitlin discuss what dancers need to be successful in today’s industry, as well as techniques that instructors can implement to provide well-rounded dance education to their students.

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About Caitlin Sloan: As a dance educator with nearly a decade of experience in the field and a retired professional ballerina, Caitlin is passionate about teaching students to become smart dancers. To excel in the field today, dancers need more than beautiful lines and turns for days. They need to be critical thinkers, able to analyze and evaluate situations on a moment’s notice. Dancers need to know terminology and ballet history. They need to know about music, choreography, and what goes on behind the scenes. They need to know how to write a resume, take a quality headshot and show up prepared for an audition. Caitlin discovered that finding resources to support her teaching beliefs was a challenge. Through talking to peers, she discovered many fellow teachers felt the same way. And thus ‘The Brainy Ballerina’ was born! The resources we provide are specifically designed to develop dancers into the future ballerinas the world needs.

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