Simply Find Balance – Ellen

Hello, let me introduce myself – I’m Ellen.

I started balance movement and the podcast out of my own curiosity about the body and study of human movement.

As a dancer, artist and yogi myself I recognize all that the movement arts have provided to me and I am looking to give back. Why? I truly believe in the power of movement – I believe movement heals. Movement nourishes. It creates community. I have a greater vision to create a collective that celebrates artists and movers and empowers them by giving them a platform to share and to receive. I hope you will join me in this vision.

I have been deeply inspired by each of the wonderful podcast guests and have zero plans of stopping there! In the coming months we will continue to frame movement through the anecdotes and experiences of practitioners and businesses that are creating avenues for people to learn about movement. There is much to be discovered. And there is even more to attend to.

I hope that you will connect. And more so I hope that you will be compelled to share your own story! – Ellen

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